Nano-ceramic films

Nanoceramic films are the crowning achievement in car window films. This technology allows for the most efficient heat protection ever - blocking up to 75% of IR radiation (heat), as well as 99.9% of UV radiation.

On the Serbian market, nanoceramic Lumar films made their debut at the end of 2014. in Black Glass, as the exclusive dealer and installer of these films. These nanoceramic films are part of the Llumar Avantgarde series of top quality films, which come with the longest warranty of 12 years.

These films comprise a layer of ceramic entirely invisible to the human eye, which has no reflexion and which allows for maximal visual transparency for daylight. Compared to coloured films, or films manufactured using metals, nanoceramic films offer up to 50% better performances. As they do not comprise metals, they do not interfere with equipment being used in the vehicle (mobile phones, gps devices, tyre pressure gauges).

These films are produced in a large number of shades, from 0 to 100% dimming. The most popular choices are those that fall between 60% and 80% of dimming for the rear part of the vehicle, while at driver's level, in line with the law, 30% dimming is recommended. Regardless of the shade you choose among the nanoceramic films, the level of heat and UV protection is almost the same between darker and lighter options.