Headlight tinting

Headlight tinting is gaining popularity. This simple and quick method affords a unique vehicle appearance. Our recommendation for headlight tinting is Oracal 8300 film.

Characteristics of headlight tinting films:

- PVC films, UV resistant, transparently tinted, glossy surface.
- Resistant to elements, high and low temperatures.
- Visual light transparency for headlight films is from 90% and lower, depending on the shade of the film, i.e. dimming level.
The films are available in 30 shades.  

Headlight tinting procedure:

- Film installation takes about 15 minutes per headlight.
- Black Glass performs headlight tinting solely by tinting films, as this allows for homogenous coverage, unlike spray tinting that can never be uniform.
- Headlight tinting is not prohibited by law and there are headlights already dimmed by car manufacturers (e.g. Opel Astra opc) .
- Black Glass issues a one year warranty for headlight films.
- If at some point in time you desire to remove the film from the headlights, the procedure is simple and does not damage the headlights.