UV protection films for your car

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends UV protection films as necessary accessories for all drivers.

Dermatological research has shown that patients demonstrate far more numerous consequences of sun exposure, such as wrinkles, freckles or other signs of premature aging, which could lead to skin cancer, on the left side of their faces and bodies. Researchers believe the cause to be UV exposure during driving.

Take a look at the famous photo of a truck driver that has stunned the entire world. The left side of this man's face is almost 20 years older than the right side. During the 28 years of driving in the sun, this man exposed the left side of his face - the side facing the window - far more than the right side.

It's important to know that car windows partially filter UV rays, e.g. short wave UVB rays, but not long wave UVA rays that are present throughout the year and at all times during the day - and it is UVA rays that present the most danger, as they penetrate deeper layers of the skin. Consequences are not immediately visible but rather become apparent at an older age.

As recommended by dermatologists, use of UV protection films can provide special protection for all drivers and their passengers. It is especially important to provide UV protection to children, as their skin is far more sensitive than that of adults.

Black Glass installs Llumar automotive films that block up to 99.5% of UV radiation, which is why they bear the seal of approval of the Skin Cancer Foundation as an efficient way to protect from harmful solar radiation during driving.

Even though it is often believed that only dark films provide UV protection, tests have shown that lightly tinted or even completely transparent Llumar films afford the same UV and heat protection as the darker shades.