To your taste

Tastes differ, but possibilities are infinite. Black Glass offers a wide selection of shades.

Types of films

Esprit Series ***

The previous generation of Llumar car window tint foils
Most affordable

Comfort Series ****

The latest generation of Llumar car window tint foils
Best seller

Avantgarde Series *****

New manufacturing technology based on nano ceramics

Tinting shade

Front: 0%
Back: 0%

Front: 30%
Back: 30%

Front: 30%
Back: 50%

Front: 30%
Back: 65%

Front: 30%
Back: 80%


Front: 50%
Back: 100%

Tint selection tips

When selecting tinting films, it is important to know that heat and UV protection do not depend on the shade, but on the film quality. All 3 series of Llumar films have the same UV protection degree, 99% but the level of heat protection differs, as each newer generation provides a greater heat protection level, which is especially noticeable in summer heat. Thus Llumar Esprit films have a lower heat protection level than Llumar Comfort and Avantgarde series, but better specifications than the films of other manufacturers who use two, sometimes even three generations older technologies in film production.

When it comes to shade, Black Glass recommends 80% dimming behind the post, corresponding to the shade of factory tinted windows, and 30% at the driver's level, as prescribed by the Law.