Quality for you

Black Glass is the only tint shop in Serbia licensed by Llumar - American manufacturer, world leader in quality and number of films produced.

Film effects

  • Maximum heat protection
    A reduction of up to 15oC in the summer season

  • 99% UV protection
    Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation
  • Savings
    Easier operation for the air-conditioning units, lower fuel consumption
  • Safety
    Increases shatter resistance and prevents glass shards from scattering if the window breaks
  • Appearance
    Privacy and enhanced appearance of the vehicle

Heat and UV protection

Driving in bright sunlight leads to fatigue and eye strain, significantly reducing the driver's concentration. With tinted windows the vehicle interior becomes cooler, more comfortable, reducing the need for air conditioning. Tint films dim bring sunlight, reduce the temperature inside the vehicle and filter out harmful radiation from the Sun. Take a look at the special SAT test which demonstrated a stunning difference of 22oC between vehicles with and without Llumar films.

Safety in case of shattering

Films are installed on the interior side of car windows, reinforcing the glass. Tinted glass becomes safe and strong. In case of accidents, the films keep the shards in place, preventing them from scattering over passengers. In addition, films reinforce the glass making it more difficult and time consuming to shatter glass during burglary.

Perfect style and privacy

In addition to their protective properties, tinted windows enhance the vehicle's appearance, which is one of the reasons behind the vast popularity of tinting. In addition, for all those who appreciate privacy, dark tints provide the perfect solution.